Hall of Fame History

Potosi School District Hall of Fame

As visitors to Potosi High School are aware, Potosi High School currently displays a Hall of Fame in front of the main office at PHS. This Hall of Fame recognizes athletes and teams and is essentially an athletic Hall of Fame. The criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame has been 1st Team All-State as selected by media outlets, state championship teams, and state champions in their respective sports. Currently, media outlets only select all-state teams in football. All other athletic all-state teams are selected by coaches’ associations in their respective sports or a designated number of athletes in some sports and activities are recognized as all-state. This process differs from sport to sport. No all-state teams are offered for some activities and athletics; however, honors are bestowed on students for various reasons such as All-State Band, All-American Cheer, and as mentioned, All-State Cross Country and Track, etc. Currently Potosi High School does not honor these students or other distinguished former students or faculty members for service to community, country, or the school district in the Hall of Fame. With this in mind, the Potosi R-3 School District will establish during the 2018-2019 school year a Potosi School District Hall of Fame honoring those who have significantly contributed to or brought honor to the Potosi R-3 School District. All current members of the Hall of Fame will be grandfathered in to the Potosi School District Hall of Fame. This process will allow the district to recognize not only athletes, but also former students, graduates, community members, and educators. The Potosi School District Hall of Fame will be established to recognize and honor Potosi R-3 School District students, student-athletes, community, or faculty members that have made outstanding contributions or accomplished outstanding achievements while attending, after graduating, or while serving the Potosi R-3 School District.


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