The Potosi R-III School District is happy to be able to share with our patrons.  By clicking the Public View  link below, it will allow you to enter our curriculum program that we use to align the school curriculum with state standards.


Curriculum Program Links:


Public View of Potosi R3 Schools Curriculum


Arc Align Tool

Username and Password required for editing, if not editing use the Public view above.

Once to the Arc Align website click Sign In in the upper right corner of the page.


Core Academic Standards Resources
DESE Grade-Level Assessment Resources
DESE MAP and NAEP Assessment Resources
SLO Template

* This is a working copy of our curriculum, the district is constantly changing and adding two different areas of the school’s curriculum to better match the changing state guidelines.  You may see some incomplete information as teachers and administrative staff are currently editing the information.

** Teachers you will need a username and password to enter the Teacher Tools section of the program.  You will obtain this information from Mrs. Thompson at your initial alignment meeting.