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Are your JEMS sons/daughters bored at home?! According to our Art Teacher Mrs. Singer, this is the perfect time to be creative!

Phones are ringing off the hook here with calls for new passwords, which is great! This work is recommended but optional. We are hoping students complete the work and retain what has been learned this year and to prevent too many gaps in learning..and still delivering food!


So proud of teachers and their willingness to do what it takes to get the job done! They’re helping deliver food and being creative in lesson plans for distance learning. Here are just two! More to come! Mrs. Christopher and Mrs. Missey

Students’ Google Classroom passwords have been changed. If your son/daughter is working online, please call or stop by our office for the new password. These passwords are to be kept confidential. Thank you to all of the students who have been working hard online! We miss y’all!

JEMS teachers rolled out in the Potosi busses today to deliver lunches to our students! And we go again Monday for anyway who wants to call & place an order?